Vertical farming

Growfoam in vertical farming

Our team has developed Growfoam solutions for the key crops such as head lettuce, leafy greens, herbs and basil.

  • Clean for your systems
    Lower OPEX cost due to less maintenance (no soil!) and better water quality.
  • Safe for your production
    No pathogen risk so better guarantees to your customers.
  • Fully Bio-degradable
    Lower waste cost as Growfoam plugs and roots can go in the green waste. Growfoam will degrade fully in H20 and Co2, no plastics.
  • Consistent quality-composition
    Full programmable production, with maximum opportunity to automate production which leads to lower OPEX.
  • (Almost) no Algae
    The clean Growfoam reduces algae formation thanks due its dry top surface.

Top 3 reasons why your farm should use our growfoam solutions

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Grow safer

Reduce risk of harmfull plant diseases
or human pathogens with clean Growfoam substrates.

Lower maintenance costs.

More stabile micro environment of water due to cleaner substrate.

More predictable production and logistics.

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Grow greener

No disposal issues at the
end-of-life when using our certified
Industrially Compostable Growfoam solutions.

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Grow faster

Optimal automation possibilities.

High and consistent germination
and continuous growth.

Growers are in full control of
water saturation levels
when using Growfoam.

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