Vertical Farming / Aeroponics      

Our team has developed Growfoam solutions for key crops in vertical farming or aeroponic farming. For instance head lettuce, leafy greens, microgreens and basil. The clean Growfoam reduces algae formation thanks due its dry top surface. In combination with the full biodegrability and low CO2 footprint Growfoam is the perfect solution for reaching sustainability objectives of vertical farms all over the world.

Top 3 reasons why your farm should use our Growfoam solutions

Clean & Pathogen-free
Reduce risk by preventing the introduction of harmfull plant diseases or human pathogens with clean Growfoam substrates.

Fully biodegradable

No disposal issues at the end-of-life when using our certified Industrially Compostable Growfoam solutions.

Quick re-saturation

Growers are in full control of water saturation levels when using Growfoam. We enable standarized watering protocol thanks to quick & reliable re-saturation of Growfoam substrates..

Combagroup Serge Gander.jpg

“Growfoam offers CombaGroup a unique substrate solution thanks to its clean, biodegradable & well-defined product characteristics.

CombaGroup is an award-winning Swiss agro-tech company that provides innovative farming solutions in mobile aeroponics. Our patented technology greatly reduces water consumption and contamination risks while offering maximum productivity per square meter."

Serge Gander CEO, CombaGroup

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