Vegetables Young Plants      

Our 21 mm diameter Growfoam Plug solution works perfectly in the first sowing phase delivering a clean start with good possibilities to optimize the growing due to it’s inert characteristics. Discover our drop-in substrate solution for your vegetable young plant production. 

Top 3 reasons why your farm should use our Growfoam solutions

Clean & Pathogen-free
Reduce risk by preventing the introduction of harmfull plant diseases or human pathogens with clean Growfoam substrates.

Fully biodegradable

No disposal issues at the end-of-life when using our certified Industrially Compostable Growfoam solutions.

Quick re-saturation

Growers are in full control of water saturation levels when using Growfoam. We enable standarized watering protocol thanks to quick & reliable re-saturation of Growfoam substrates..

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