Plant Tissue Culture      

Our Growfoam solutions enable fully automated processes in Plant Tissue Culture. Discover our divers & customizable substrate solutions for lowering your labor intensive operational costs. 

Top 3 reasons why your plant tissue culture process should use our Growfoam solutions

Sterile & inert

Our Growfoam solutions can be offered fully sterile, ensuring an efficient tissue culture process with minimal losses due to infection.

Ideal for automation

Our Growfoam solutions offer a perfect match with highly automated systems. Discover how we can help reduce your operational costs.

Consistent composition

Growfoam Plugs are well defined & maintain a consistent shape after multiple handling steps or at various water saturation levels.


“Growfoam offers RoBoTec PTC a great substrate platform to fully enable our ambitions towards providing automated plant tissue culture systems. The sterile Growfoam substrate with its consistent shape offer many benefits during automated handling.

RoBoTec PTC develops & sells fully automated in vitro plant propagation systems, which reduce labor costs, improve plant quality, enable smarter propagation processes and result overall in better quality plants."

Stephan von Rundstedt (CEO)
Friederike von Rundstedt (CTO)

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