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Martin Tietema


As Chief Executive Officer Martin is responsible for directing our overall business strategy.

Dr. Martijn Beljaars



As Chief Scientific Officer Martijn is responsible for our foam material innovation strategy. 

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Richard Hommes

Production operator


As production engineer Richard is responsible for ensuring our reliable foam production conditions. 

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Niels Steenvoorden



As Chief Commercial Officer Niels is responsible for our sales strategy & new business development.

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Wilfred Roo



As Chief Operational Officer Wilfred is responsible for our operational procedures, product quality and safety requirements. 

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Jan Wouter Broerse


Process Engineer

As process engineer Jan Wouter is responsible for optimizing & developing our processes

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Vincent van Assen



As Chief Technology Officer Vincent is responsible for implementing continuous & robust processes for our foam innovations.

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Marjolein Venhuizen


Quality control analyst

As Quality control & product development analyst Marjolein is responsible for verifying the requirements of our innovative foam products.

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Frederike Klein


Process Engineer

As process engineer Frederike is responsible for developing new innovative products & processes.

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Hans Jellema


Hardware engineer​

As hardware engineer Hans is responsible for designing & tuning our foam handling solutions.

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Barend Gehner


Cultivation Specialist​

With over 15 years of experience in young plant production & plant reasearch Barend is responisble for unlocking the full cultivation potential of Growfoam.

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Woppie Seinen


Operations Manager​

With an extensive track record in operations & manufacturing industry Woppie is responsible for streamlining our internal processes.

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Inge Visscher

Junior engineer​

With a background in Life Cycle Analysis, Inge is responsible for profiling & continuously improving the sustainability profile of our products.

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Niek van Prooijen

Electrical engineer​

With a background in innovative & sustainable industries, Niek is responsible for realising our automation & control systems.

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César O. Valero 

Manufacturing engineer

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Chief R&D Officer 

Board Member

Do you feel the urge to keep evolving and pushing forward?

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Production operator

Do you feel the urge to keep evolving and pushing forward?

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Allround Verspaner

Can your hands make what we envision? Do you feel the urge to keep evolving and pushing forward?

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