Our clients have realised an

OPEX reduction of up to 20% by using GROWFOAM®.

Safe, reliable & sustainable production in CEA.

Consumer Trends & Developments

Here’s a little insight into factors we’ve noticed and predict, after speaking with a dozen growers and market analists over the last few years.


1. There is a strong and growing consumer demand for clean and  pathogen-free vegetables.

2. Global welfare is rising. Global population living at mid- to high income levels will increase by 200% from 2020 – 2050. The fruit & vegetable market will increase by almost 260%.

3. There’s high municipal awareness of sustainability issues with peat (and other natural resources).

4. Consumer perception for sustainable and locally produced CEA products is changing in a positive way. Full acceptance is on the rise.

5 Retailers see and drive a demand for branded products in their vegetable category.

So, in short:

There is a consumer need for peat-free, clean, sustainable and locally produced vegetables.

Producer / Retailer Trends & Developments

Earlier in the value chain, the outcome of our market research looks like this:

1. Climate change is impacting traditional production methods leading to inconsistent supply to retailers.

2. Availability of and interest in manual labour is declining rapidly and driving automation.

3. Retailers are demanding a transparent and short as possible supply chain to be able to track possible escalations.

4. There is growing demand for ‘No Need To Wash’ products from retail and consumers.

So, in short:

Producers and Retailers need consistent, sustainable, scalable and transparent production at low costs.

CEA & Vertical Farming are booming.

Yes. Booming.

As a logical consequence of the needs, demands and wishes of both consumers and retailers, producers are finding the best solution to meet them.

  1. CEA & Vertical Farming are ideal solutions for sustainable, local and transparent production.
  2. The Vertical Farming market is set to grow from $2.9 billion to $7.3 billion in 2025, whilst the CAGR (Compound Annual Growth Rate) is a staggering 20%.
  3. Initial public offerings of Aerofarms and App Harvest (both $1.2 billion) and major funding of Plenty ($500 million) and Bowery ($300 million) show the appreciation for and prospects of CEA.

But all this prosperity is at risk if we look at Operating Expenditures. A consistent quality product, automation, pathogens & substrate in the growing system, maintenance costs and disposal of substrates are just some of the challenges a grower has to face.

Reducing OPEX is
the biggest challenge
to date for CEA.

So, what can GROWFOAM®
do to reduce

Substrate is key in reducing your OPEX

GROWFOAM® will enable you to


Which will lead to

Better revenues and margins, higher yields, less environmental impact and a pathogen-free growing environment.

Our clients have realised an 

OPEX reduction of up to 20% by using GROWFOAM®.

How GROWFOAM® helps reduce your OPEX

• Lower cost due to green composting of plugs.

• Stable water micro bio-environment  leading leading to fewer production losses.

• Less logistical risk due to consistent supply and storability

• More effective automation possibilities.  

Lower maintenance cost of growing hardware.

Choosing the right substrate is the easiest and fastest way to reduce your OPEX.

Total OPEX 'labour'
Total OPEX 'electricity'
Total OPEX 'maintenance'
Total OPEX 'disposables'



30 gram plant weight @DAS 28 (excl. plug) leading to 50kg per m2 per year.



Reasons to choose GROWFOAM® if you want risk-free performance

  • Consistent quality of substrate. 
  • Dutch scalable production.
  • Local factory options.
  • GROWFOAM® is free of E. Coli, Listeria and  other bacteria. ‘No need to wash’.
  • Performance in line with (equals) other substrates, also due to healthier root development. 


Reasons to choose GROWFOAM® if you want a sustainable and future-proof growing solution

  • GROWFOAM® is TUV Industrial Composting Certified. Home Composting & Soil Degradation pending.
  • GROWFOAM® is completely converted into H2O & CO2 by fungi & bacteria.
  • No microplastics, no PFAS.
  • Neutral carbon footprint. 
  • No peat. 

How  we can help you


with your sustainable, consistent & scalable production, while lowering your OPEX.

Next steps:

1. Understand your system and way of working (now and in the future).

2. Create awareness of differences in growing with GROWFOAM® to enable trials.

3. Implementation within your company.

Optional: Position your products grown with GROWFOAM®, e.g. retail communications. 

More info? Download our GROWFOAM® in CEA brochure here.

GROWFOAM® benefits for use in consumer and retail communication and positioning:


1.  Has a neutral carbon footprint.

2. Enables local and green production.

3. Is industrially and home compostable.

4. Has no risk of pathogen contamination.

5. Offers water absorption, without risk of overwatering.

6. Is reusable in the kitchen.

7. Is free of soil across products and kitchen usage.

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