GROWFOAM® in hydroponics

Our team has developed GROWFOAM® solutions for DFT & NFT systems for hydroponic farming which enable safe, sustainable & highly predictable operations for your hydroponic farm.

Our GROWFOAM® solutions can be implemented for growing crops such as head lettuce, leafy greens, microgreens and basil. The clean GROWFOAM® reduces algae formation thanks to its dry top surface. In combination with its full biodegradability and peat-free composition GROWFOAM® is the perfect solution for reaching sustainability objectives in vertical farms all over the world.

  • No peat
    You are prepared for future peat limitations and GROWFOAM® supports a lower OPEX due to lower maintenance costs.
  • Optimal for automation
    Due to its consistent composition GROWFOAM® is the perfect substrate for enabling automation and as a result, lower OPEX.
  • Fits in existing systems (Meteor and gutters)
    With our different plug dimensions and designs we offer a plug & play solution to fit in your existing systems. No high investments needed.
  • Safe and sustainable
    Reduce risk by preventing the introduction of harmfull plant diseases or human pathogens with clean GROWFOAM® substrates. No end-of-life disposal issues as GROWFOAM® is Industrial Composting certified.

Top 3 reasons why your farm should use our GROWFOAM® solutions

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Grow safer

Reduce risk of harmfull plant diseases
or human pathogens with clean GROWFOAM® substrates.

Lower maintenance costs.

More stabile water micro environment
due to cleaner substrate.

More predictable production and logistics.

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Grow greener

No end-of-life disposal issues when using our certified Industrially Compostable GROWFOAM® solutions.

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Grow faster

Using GROWFOAM® puts growers in full control
of water saturation levels.

Optimal automation potential.

High and consistent germination and continuous growth

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