We are Growfoam.


We are Growfoam.
We help you grow greener, faster and safer.

Better revenues, higher yields, less environmental impact and a pathogen free growing environment are just some of the benefits of using Growfoam.
But there is more and we will tell you all about it.

Our team has developed Growfoam solutions for the key crops in vertical farming or aeroponic farming.

Growfoam Benefits:
• Clean for your systems
• Safe for your production
• Fully Bio-degradable
• Consistent quality-composition
• (Almost) no Algae

Our team has developed Growfoam solutions for DFT & NFT systems for hydroponic farming.

Growfoam Benefits:
• No peat
• Optimal for automation
• Fitting in existing system (Meteor and gutters)
• Safe and sustainable


Stay updated on the developments in Growfoam. Here you will find our latest innovations, strategic partnerships and new Growfoam team members.

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Growing sustainability: ZipGrow Inc. and Growfoam® announce distribution partnership.

Growing sustainability: ZipGrow Inc. and growfoam® announce distribution partnership. ZipGrow Inc. and Growfoam®, two purpose driven companies, announce a new distribution partnership to provide carbon neutral substrates to a wider audience of hydroponic growers. ZipGrow Inc. designs and builds vertical farming technology that makes fresh leafy produce accessible for all types of hydroponic growers from…

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Babylon partners with GROWFOAM®

Babylon partners with GROWFOAM® Babylon Micro-Farms partners with GROWFOAM® to offer its customers a new certified compostable & biodegradable grow medium GROWFOAM®, a premiere plant growth medium has partnered with Babylon to bring their safe, sustainable, and fully compostable solution to indoor Micro-Farms. Over the past 8 months Babylon have done extensive in-house growth tests…

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The future of food, part II

How GROWFOAM® drives and enables change in the global food system. The future of food According to a recent study carried out by Deloitte – one of the world’s leading consultancy firms – global food supply needs to expand by a staggering 50% by 2050. Extrapolating that 50% from the existing food system is not…

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We grow, by working with you.
We enable, with ‘out of the box’ solutions.
We accelerate, through sharing knowledge.

All with two goals in mind.... use nature’s ingredients to the fullest and keep the earth alive for future generations.

We share your perspective. We want food to be safe. And enough for everyone.


Our foam has it all; it enables production targets ánd sustainability goals.

Tested, used and proofed in real life. So we don’t just blow bubbles.

Well.... actually we do.


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