Forestry Young Plants      

Our Growfoam solutions enable up to 50% increase in successful young plant cultivation from cuttings thanks to its well designed water-air ratio. Discover our divers & customizable substrate solutions and increase the effictiveness of your nursery today. 

Top 3 reasons why your forestry young plant nursery should use our Growfoam solutions

Optimal water & air distribution

Increase your efficiency up to 50% when producing forestry young plants from cuttings. Our Growfoam cutting plugs offer a specificly designed dry root environment suited for forestry young plants.

Ideal for automation

Our Growfoam solutions offer a perfect match with highly automated systems. Discover how we can help reduce your operational costs.

Plastic free

Growfoam substrates are made from fully biodegradable biopolymers & biodegrade under natural conditions by micro-organisms.

Skogforsk Growfoam.jpg

“The Growfoam plug has a compact size, smart openings and is made from clean biodegradable material. It also accurately balances air and water, making it a really promising substrate for our cutting propagation.


The first time I saw the product on a Trade fair I knew it was something we definitely have to try!. "

Mihály Csimbalmos
Skogforsk Sweden

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