€1,3M grant EFRO Growfoam        

On June 12th 2020 our Growfoam team has been granted a €1,3M grant for expanding our  horticulture plant substrate into new cultivation segments. For this end our team is developing crop-specific Growfoam growing substrates, tailoring to growers needs. Next to this the grant enables prototype development of Growfoam substrates with evermore increased cultivation performance.


Thanks to the EFRO grant by SNN, including co-funding by the Province of Groningen & Gemeente Groningen, our Growfoam team is innovating towards creating the ultimate growing substrate: safe, sustainable & affordable.

The Growfoam growing medium platform has been made possible by our innovative Foamplant technology. After launching our innovative  Growfoam substrate plugs on the Greentech Amsterdam 2019 (awarded for the Greentech Innovation Prize) our team is continuously working to unlock the full potential of the Growfoam growing medium platform.

Please send us an inquiry or contact our team members directly to learn of the potential of Growfoam in your farm or industry.