Babylon partners with GROWFOAM®

Babylon Micro-Farms partners with GROWFOAM® to offer its customers a new certified compostable & biodegradable grow medium

GROWFOAM®, a premiere plant growth medium has partnered with Babylon to bring their safe, sustainable, and fully compostable solution to indoor Micro-Farms. Over the past 8 months Babylon have done extensive in-house growth tests and customer network tests. Feedback during the customer trials has been overwhelmingly positive.

“We are proud to be the exclusive partner of GROWFOAM® for small scale on-site farms in North America. GROWFOAM® retains the ease of use of current growth medium while reducing waste thus bringing a new level of sustainability to an already sustainable system.”
  Said Alexander Olesen (Babylon CEO)

Niels Steenvoorden (CCO GROWFOAM®) adds to that: “We’re proud to have Babylon as a partner who shares our grow greener, safer and faster vision in Micro-Farms. We look forward to working with Babylon, as well as large-scale farms in the US.” He stresses that the GROWFOAM® substrate is suitable – or can be customized to be suited – any industrial scale controlled agriculture environment.


GROWFOAM® provides a premium medium for both germination and growth. It is on-site compostable which eliminates the need to separate roots from the grow medium since they are both biodegraded and will be completely converted into water and CO2 upon degradation. GROWFOAM® contains no microplastics or PFAS.“


The GROWFOAM® product offers the following benefits:

  • Reduce risk of harmful plant diseases or human pathogens with clean GROWFOAM®
  • Lower maintenance costs.
  • More stable water micro environment due to cleaner substrate.
  • More predictable production and logistics.
  • No end-of-life disposal issues when using our certified Industrially Compostable GROWFOAM®
  • Using GROWFOAM® puts growers in full control of water saturation levels.
  • Optimal automation potential.
  • High and consistent germination and continuous growth
  • GROWFOAM® is TUV Industrial Composing Certified (DIN EN 13432 standard), with Home Composting and Soil Degradation certifications pending.





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