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Growfoam is a patent pending tailor made biodegradable plant substrate for seedling germination and plant cultivation. Compaired to existing substrates Growfoam offers the following benefits for your Horticulture customers:

Clean & Inert
Clean & Inert

Clean & inert Growfoam material enables a completely clean and hygienic cultivation process meeting increasing hygiene standards especially in high intensity Vertical Farm or other Controlled Environment Agriculture Systems. Growfoam is NPK-free giving you a complete freedom-of-choice in your nutrient composition.

Fully Biodegradable
Fully Biodegradable

Biodegradable under natural & composting conditions (EN 13432) supporting your sustainability proposition. Growfoam will decompose in water and carbon dioxide without effecting plant growth (validated by plant toxicity studies at the WUR Wagingen Univerisity & OWS Research Facility).

Optimal Automation
Optimal Automation

Optimal potential for automation due to its sturdy structure. No risk of substrate particles ending up in your sensitive automation systems or water filtration units.

Peat Free
Peat Free

Growfoam is Peat Free & offers an ideal solution for upcoming peat bans in various countries Worldwide. Peat Free Growfoam delivers a direct differentiation possibility for you and your (retail) customers.


Growfoam plugs can be stored for maximum 3 months without having an impact to its performance giving you more flexibility in your planning and less wastage.

Quick Resaturation
Quick Resaturation

Discover the swift & homogeneous resaturation of Growfoam media. Even completely dry Growfoam substrates can be resaturated in a matter of seconds.

Reduced Algae Formation
Reduced Algae Formation

Growfoam growing media can be designed to minimize algae growth on the top of Growfoam substrate plugs. Each Growfoam plug has a defined water uptake height thanks to its well-defined capillary water uptake through its foam pores. This unique feature enables growers to define moisture levels, and therefore algae growth, at the top side of the plug during each cultivation phase.

Crop Specific
Crop Specific

Growfoam can be tuned in shape, composition, foam morphology (structure) and cell size enabling a defined water- and air capacity fitting your specific crop needs.

            Our Growfoam process           


1. Biopolymer grains
Our starting materials 

2. Patented technology
Foaming biopolymer grains 

3. Crop-specific foam
Tailored foam structure

4. Crop-specific plugs
Optimal foam plug design 

5. Quality Control
Verified performance

            Growfoam Products           

Our Growfoam product range offers you:

  • Access to a fully biodegradable & peat-free substrate material strengthening your Company-Product Sustainability Proposition.

  • Our biodegradable Growfoam products are certified compostable under the strict European standards of EN 13432. Next to being certified compostable, Growfoam substrates also biodegrade under ambient conditions. In a standard greenhouse environment Growfoam substrates generally biodegrade within 3-6 months depending on humidity and microbial activity in the water supply.

  • a strong , clean and light material in multiple shapes and compositions, ideal for automationcustomized to your needs


Growfoam is certified biodegradable under composting conditions as defined by EN 13432 norms.

Plugs 2100 series

Plugs 2100 series

Ø 21 mm plugs. Available in 31 and 35 mm length. Optimal fit with tempex seedling trays or 20 mm paperpot trays.

Plugs 1000 series

Plugs 1000 series

Suited for automated systems such as Autostix or automated tissue culture systems. Available in 8 - 17 mm height.

Growfoam Soil

Growfoam Soil

Clean & fully biodegradable Growfoam Soil suitable for high density leafy green hydroponic production systems.

Custom solutions

Custom solutions

Discover our proven track record in customized substrate plugs, suited for any cultivation process. Contact our team for more information.

Combagroup Serge Gander.jpg

“Growfoam offers CombaGroup a unique substrate solution thanks to its clean, biodegradable & well-defined product characteristics.

CombaGroup is an award-winning Swiss agro-tech company that provides innovative farming solutions in mobile aeroponics. Our patented technology greatly reduces water consumption and contamination risks while offering maximum productivity per square meter."

Serge Gander CEO, CombaGroup

Aqua Grow Almere Growfoam.jpg

“Aqua Grow Plants Almere started using Growfoam Plugs in their Hydroponic Lettuce system in May 2020.

'Our interest in Growfoam was initially triggered by the plug/material being  dimensionally stable which is a big benefit in our production system compared to the currently used peat plugs. Next to that the clean start we get with the Growfoam plugs helps us to stay clean during the whole production process (algae -pythium- phytophthora) resulting in less losses and therefore better income!!."

Cees van der Pol,
Aqua Grow Plants Almere

            Growfoam segments           

Discover our clean & sustainable substrate solutions for each of the following segments in horticulture.

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